Saphyre extends platform to cover legal agreements

Saphyre‘s pre-trade and post-trade platform, which is used by some of the world’s leading financial institutions for account onboarding and maintenance, can now digitally track and permit parties to negotiate legal agreements on the platform. The legal module within Saphyre is agreement type-agnostic (ISDA, GMRA, MSFTA, MRA, etc.) and has templates to digitally structure ISDAs and many other types of agreements. The Saphyre system stores a digital version of the master agreement while maintaining its annex of active accounts, as well as tracking any removals as part of the offboarding process. The streamlined process is automatically aligned with the broker and end-client onboarding workflows when a new account is opened. This process allows the system to kick off the legal workflows to add new accounts to the existing digital master agreement on the platform.

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