State Street launches new P2P platform

State Street has launched a new peer-to-peer financing platform, Venturi, specifically designed to connect buy-side firms with new sources of liquidity in the global repo space. Venturi, built through a partnership with FinOptSys, a fintech focused on the securities financing market, supports trade negotiations and enhances trade settlement and collateral management, allowing traders to better manage and diversify their counterparty exposure.

Venturi has been designed to provide:

Increased Efficiency: Users negotiate economic terms of peer repo transactions on Venturi. A master repo agreement streamlines the documentation process and supports scalability. Users may engage with any or all counterparties active on the platform.

Improved Flexibility: Venturi supports a flexible suite of eligible collateral and margin requirements.

Confirmation of State Street’s Guaranty to Repo Buyers: Venturi allows buy-side participants to submit and confirm that the repo transaction terms satisfy the criteria necessary for State Street to guarantee the repurchase price payment obligations of the repo seller to the repo buyer following a repo seller default.

Transparency of trade and margin call settlement: With links to State Street’s Collateral+ triparty solution for peer-to-peer repo, Venturi displays confirmed trade matches, collateral valuation and margin calls, and collateral movements between counterparties.

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