HSBC launches ETF platform

HSBC has launched ETF Platform Solutions, its new end-to-end platform providing asset servicing solutions to ETF issuers globally. Under a single offering, ETF issuers will have access to HSBC’s markets & securities services capabilities, such as: ETF order management, PCF production, and custom ETF NAV attribution analysis; AP services including ETF seeding and HSBC’s ETF fair value algorithms; swap provision and dedicated execution services under FX4ETFs; and HSBC FX overlay services.

As part of the roll-out of ETF Platform Solutions, HSBC has partnered with Calastone to provide an ETF order management system. Using Calastone’s cloud-based distributed market infrastructure, the system will deliver real-time processing and monitoring capabilities to ETF issuers throughout the ETF creation and redemption life cycle. From order placement through to settlement, HSBC’s digital data integration interfaces will deliver live analytics to ETF issuers and APs as order executions are completed. HSBC will deploy the new ETF Order Management system across its global ETF client base, including funds domiciled in Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

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