HQLAx pioneers cross-DLT repo trade

HQLAᵡ, J.P. Morgan, Ownera and Wematch have successfully tested the technical feasibility of executing a DvP repo transaction across two different DLT platforms at HQLAᵡ and J.P. Morgan. The test showed how rights to securities, recorded in digital collateral records (DCRs) on the HQLAᵡ ledger, and digital cash, recorded at J.P. Morgan, could be recorded and transferred using two different DLT platforms. The simulated transaction was negotiated in the Wematch trading front-end. Ownera connected Wematch and the two distributed ledgers using the open-source FINP2P routing protocol, ensuring the visibility of assets in Wematch, and coordinating the DvP settlement across the HQLAᵡ and J.P. Morgan platforms.

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