BNY Mellon adds ESG ratings to sec lending program

BNY Mellon has launched enhancements to its securities finance platform to help clients analyse their agency securities lending program alongside their sustainability goals. Delivered through an interactive dashboard, clients can apply ESG scores based on third-party data across their lendable portfolio, collateral and cash investments to help them evaluate alignment with their individual ESG goals. The new dashboard leverages MSCI ESG Research‘s ESG Ratings, assigning scores to securities across the ESG pillars that can be applied to a client’s non-cash collateral and cash reinvestment, including both outright purchases and repo collateral. The resulting output allows clients to quickly and easily analyse how their portfolio, the collateral they receive, and the investments they make align to their ESG goals and values. BNY Mellon has >USD4.3 trillion in lendable assets.

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